Topics include:

  • On May 25, 1979, on Touhy Avenue between Mt. Prospect Rd. and Elmhurst Rd. in Des Plaines, IL, American Airlines Flight 191 crashed approximately 30-seconds after takeoff and 5,000 feet from O’Hare International Airport Runway 32R, killing all 271 people on board and 2 people on the ground.
  • 1st installment of our NEW monthly segment, “Live-ish from Area 51 and ET Highway” with Desiree, our eyes in the sky and feet on the street, reporting from the Alien mecca of the world, Area 51.
  • Jason Nhyte recites a story detailing the cause of the horrific crash and resulting paranormal activity.
  • Dave Black and Jason Nhyte visit the haunted crash location on May 25, 2017 – the 38th anniversary of the disaster.
  • Music for this episode: Taco and Da Mofos – Alien
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