SOS-RADIO Podcast Episode 39: Discussing Satanism with Guest Minister Sal
Topics include:

– NOTE: The views expressed in this episode are not intended to reflect the views of the SOS-RADIO Podcast hosts
– Welcome back Minister Sal, official member of the Satanic Temple and ancient religion enthusiast. Listeners may remember Minister Sal from SOS-Radio Podcast Episode 5: Holiday Edition: The Infamous Morseland Music Room and Pagan Holiday Traditions
The 11 Satanic rules of the Earth by Anton Szandor Levey
– Who is Satan/the devil/Lucifer…and is he REAL?
– What is the origin of Satanism?
– Popular forms of Satanism (Theistic, Atheistic, Luciferianism)
– Famous Satanists (Anton Szandor Levey, “The Great Beast” Aleister Crowley and others)
– Satanic symbols
– Music for this episode: Ghost – Infestissumam
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