SOS-RADIO Podcast Episode 33: A Family Possessed Part 2

Topics include:

A very nice family contacted us on FaceBook and requested our services. This is a serious case. Episode 33: A Family Possessed Part 2, is our return trip to interview the family and speak to “Didi”, the little girl affected by an entity named “Junie”. This is an ongoing story and we will update the podcast as events unfold.

– Dave Black, Joe Erie and Jojo Erie return to the Oak Lawn, IL home to interview 4-year-old “Didi” and her mother, “Brook”, about recent events surrounding an “imaginary friend” named “Junie”

– “Didi” reveals frightening information about “Junie”, including how her parents died, where “Junie” is from and a whole lot more

– “Didi” draws a picture of “Junie” (click here to see her drawing)


– NOTE – No anomalous photos were captured during photo session

– Music for this episode: Slendy’s Lullaby

– Watch this YouTube video and witness Dave Black uncover “Junie’s” REAL name!

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