SOS-Radio Podcast Episode 23: LIVE from Bridgewater Triangle Part 1 of 5: Hockomock Swamp, Plymouth and Burial Hill

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies takes the SOS-RADIO Podcast on the road and visits numerous locations within the infamous Bridgewater Triangle (Southeast Massachusetts) and other locations in Massachusetts.

Part 1 topics include:

    • – Intro to the Massachusetts trip.  What is the Bridgewater Triangle? Where we’re going and what to expect over the next 5 podcast episodes.


    • – Something strange happens at our Marriott in East Syracuse, NY


    • – Hockomock Swamp: Site of Wampanoag curses and burial grounds, ghosts, Bigfoot, thunderbirds, giant snakes and the Puckwudgie.  What’s a Puckwudgie?  Listen and find out!


    • – Plymouth Massachusetts – an unexpected turn of events


Burial Hill Cemetery

    • – Established in 1622, Plymouth’s Burial Hill Cemetery is the 2nd oldest cemetery in the United States…and home to lots of energies!


    • – History, mystery and MORE!


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