Podcast Episode 17: LIVE at the HAUNTED Pfister Hotel (Conclusion)
Topics include:

– REPORTING LIVE from The Pfister Hotel – a historic Milwaukee, WI hotel famous for its opulence AND hauntings. Phantom dogs running the halls, electrical anomalies, things moving on their own and ghostly apparitions are said to plague The Pfister. Pfister ghosts are famously known to accost visiting Major League Baseball players.
– Joe Erie’s Pfister Hotel investigation and hotel employee interview
– Jason Nhyte’s Pfister Hotel investigation
– Oscar’s Off the Rails Review: The Devil’s Backbone (Movie)
– To view photos that coincide with this podcast visit >Photos/Video >The Pfister Hotel
NOTE – During Pfister Hotel walkthroughs, each time Dave Black and Joe Erie say they feel the energy, the Tascam recorder goes haywire, emitting high pitched interference. Coincidence?

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