Crazy Ghost Activity Caught on Video!!! Jason Nhyte SOS-RADIO Podcast Host

Crazy Ghost Activity Caught on Video!!! Jason Nhyte SOS-RADIO Podcast Host

I believe the energy was “charging” itself, as evident with the lights acting weird, before it could manifest physically (moving the chair).

07:12 – 07:15 – I have NO idea what that popping/snapping sound is!

08:33 – Motion sensor light turns off – Completely normal.

10:04 – Fluorescent lights turn on – Completely NOT NORMAL.

10:10 – Fluorescent lights POP off – NOT NORMAL.

10:11.5 – Fluorescent lights POP on – DOES IT LOOK LIKE A FACE IN THE CORVETTE’S DRIVER WINDOW?!?! Definitely NOT NORMAL.

10:50.5 – iPhone video camera tries to focus on something, looks like a shadow

11:05 – Fluorescent lights turn off, no POP.

11:16 – 11:17 – I have no idea what these snapping/popping sounds are!

12:10.5 – Fluorescent lights SNAP on – Again, NOT NORMAL.

12:37 – Fluorescent lights turn off.

12:51 – 12:53 – This is what I believe to be the beginning of the chair MOVING!!

12:58 – Fluorescent lights comes back on.

13:02 – The CHAIR MOVES!!

13:10 – 13:12 – EVP?? I cannot make out what it says.

13:13 – Chair moves even farther!!

13:21 – 13:23 – Fluorescent light turns off and chairs moves one final time!

13:58 – 14:11 – Scratching / dragging sounds then SNAP. No idea what that is!

18:59 – 19:03 – More strange sounds.

20:08 – I make my way back into garage, motion sensor lights come back on, and I collect the phone.

20:29 – This is the end of the video. No further footage. I hit STOP RECORD too soon.

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