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Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS) have researched the paranormal throughout the Chicagoland area, and abroad, for nearly twenty years. They were chasing ghosts before it was cool. SOS was investigating hauntings long before every cable channel had a show dedicated to people running around dark buildings, chasing orbs, yelling, “DID YOU HEAR THAT?” SOS research led to the discovery of countless, never-before-heard-of haunted locations, and between them, members of Supernatural Occurrence Studies have logged thousands of hours of field work.

SOS’ fundamental outlook on hauntings revolves around the scientific principle that energy is never created or destroyed, it merely changes forms. The only thing SOS knows for certain is that they are dealing with some form of energy, something they call Trace Energy. Whether or not Trace Energy originates from the deceased is probable, yet remains to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. SOS developed numerous theories about ghosts and hauntings. They have lectured on the subject and have conducted wildly successful Supernatural Research Tours. They have been featured in every form of media.

It is a big world out there. There is a reason why every culture and religion across the globe references ghosts, spirits, demons, extraterrestrials…and things even stranger. SOS is not saying they know the reason why. They are saying let’s figure it out together.

SOS has built the credibility and expertise to host SOS-Radio, and provide their listeners a compelling hour of talk. They want to take their knowledge and experiences to the next level. SOS-Radio is not only about ghosts and hauntings…it’s about anything deemed strange or otherworldly. Extraterrestrials. Cryptids. Conspiracies. Anything goes here.

SOS-Radio audience participation is necessary. Get out of the house and out from behind your monitors and conduct your own investigations. Gather your very own proof of the paranormal. Got a story? Call 872-529-0SOS (872-529-0767) or E-mail the show to discuss at Submissions@sos-radio.com. Have photographs or video proof of something otherworldly? Submit them for discussion and show the world!

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Keep your head up, eyes open and question everything.

E-mail: submissions@sos-radio.com -or- Call 872-529-0SOS (872-529-0767)

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